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mgo board price difference for share

Mgo board is well know as fire rated building board, it has been widely use for fireproof partition, structural sheathing and subfloor.  however many buyers can not evaluate quality without certification. Because there are various performance due to raw materials degree and formula composition. Do you know price differece? Mgo powder 85% activity $180/ton 80% activity $140/ton Mgso4 food degree $172/ton industrial degree $110/ton Glass mesh fiber(120g) Grade E $0.2/meter Glued Grade E $0.3/meter Plant fiber wood fiber $ 205/ton bamboo fiber $260/ton man-made fiber glass chops $1050/ton PP fiber $1200/ton Basalt fiber $2050/ton Aggregate Light perlite $25/M3 Heavy perlite [...]

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How to select mgo sip for fire passive house

Choosing right quality mgo sip for fire passive house Mgo sip are composite of 2 layers magnesium oxide cement sheathing on both side, EPS/XPS as core. Premium mgo sip intergrated fireproof, insert proof, moisture proof, mold proof, sound insulation and high structural strength. Do pay attention to following points before purchase: 1, check chloride volume of mgo board. it is relative to steel frame structural safety Some of mgo board contains high volume of chloride >5%, should not use for steel frame system 2,check impact and load bearing test report, relative to structural performance most of chinese mgo board are [...]

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What is eps mgo board?

What is eps mgo board? Rockmax eps mgo board is similar to Permabase and Dura backer board, design for moistureproof substrate.but made of magnesium oxysulfate cement and eps. It is lighter weight,fireproof,moisture,easily cut and screw faster.Our eps mgo board has superior impact resistant. 1.20 years non corrosive warranty 2,safe material tested to EN reach 3.Waterproof coating surface 4. Durability tested to EN 12467

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Mgo board joint solution

Today, we'd like to discuss the problem of magnesium oxide board joint crack. What is mgo board? A cost effective fire rated inorganic binded reinforced by glass mesh and plant fiber, roll into a flat sheet,that can be use for strucutal and non stuctural wall and subfloor. Why mgo board joint crack more requently? Moisture content Gypsum board and fiber cement board have mature drying facility, moisture may 10-12% when export.However many mgo board supplier don't have moisture control facility,result in uneven and excessive moisture when export,moisture may 10-25%. Dry shrinkage The dimension change of gypsum board and fiber cement [...]

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What’s difference between mgo board and fiber cement board?

"What's difference between mgo board and fiber cement board?" A frequent question asked by many customers. Before say something, we should think about which product category does mgo board exactly belongs to? In my point of view, mgo board belongs to CBPB - cement bonded wood particle board which has been listed in building materials category in both Europe and America. mgo board made some upgrates: 1,mgo board use magnesium oxide cement as binder,it has lighter weight and better fireproof than portland cement. 2,mgo board composite multi-layers of glass mesh fiber, impact resistant and flexibility increased. 3,mgo board is entirely [...]

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Magneisum sulfate board vs other building boards

MAGNESIUM SULFATE BOARD Magnesium sulfate board is new technical chloride free mgo board, with exceptional fireproof, flexibility and workability which is competitive product for exterior substrate, structural sheathing, sub flooring, fireproof decorative wall base board and fireproof laminated flooring base board. Each application has corresponding standard of physical and durability performance. For cladding and render system recommend to use high density fiber cement board.

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