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Mgo board problem and solution

Views:7619     Author:Rockmax     Publish Time: 2018-12-13  Background Mgo board is a innovative fireproofing building materials, it is popular for superior fire resistant, low heat transfer, high strength and economical efficiency. Now BBA, LABC, CCMC, CERT MARK, University of Denmark and St. Petersburg has demostraded and warned mgo board contains chloride which has risk of corrosion to steel frame and damp insulation materials in humidity, damage adjoining building components. ROCKMAX share our experience about mgo board. What is mgo board? Magnesium oxide board or "mgo board" in short,it's flat wall panel,thickness range from 3mm-30mm It is three element cementitious materials, [...]

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Not all the mgo board suit for external wall!

Views:619     Author:Rockmax     Publish Time: 2016-12-13  Background Today mgo board plays an important role in fireproof building materials industry. Mgo has better fireproof and lower heat transfer than fiber cement board and gypsum board,bending strength and flexibility almost double. Mgo is termite resistant and mildew proof,better than wood,but price is similiar. In recently,we found some negative informations about mgo board for external applications it may involved panel bending or cracking at joint,decoration material delamination,tile,marble fall off. People start to confuse about mgo board for exterior wall. Rockmax has been research and design magnesium oxide cement over 10 years,we [...]

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