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1867,The 1st magnesium oxide cement invented by Frenchman Stanislas Sorel, the father of MOC.

1932,Bury C.R and Davies E.R.built up phase diagram of three element system, xMg(OH)2·yMgCl2·zH2O.

1976,Sorrell C.A.and Annstrog, found out the most stable phase 5Mg(OH)2·MgCl2·8H2O.

1995, the 1st handmade flatness magnesium oxide board produced by Japanese company -Sanwa fireproof board Co., Ltd in China.

Afterward ,the successful innovation of applying magnesia cement to make wall panel became popular.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of mgo board manufacturers all over China and mgo manufacturing and technical also spread to Malaysia, Turkey, Iran, Qatar, Russia, Ukraine, etc The way of production and technology of magnesium oxide board is conservative, thus many oversea factories lack of production and raw materials experiences, which lead to failures and difficult in operation.

ROCKMAX Mgo Board achieved technical breakthroughs of chloride free mgo board since 2012, our product has been tested by SGS and different foreign institutions, manufacturing process already matured, we wish cooperate with international company to develop new product or application that benefit more people.

  • Mgo Formulation Design

    Panel manufacturing, GRM – glass fiber reinforcement MGO, Modular fireproof materials, Transparent magnesium cement,etc.

  • Supply chain management

    We are familiar with all of mgo raw materials and testing, Semi-finished and finished product testing, manufacturing process upgrade, closely work with SGS and INTERTEK for international testing.

  • Manufacturing training

    Raw material store,packing, preparation, mixer adjustment and mix tips, curing key points, work out production solution to meet different production environment.