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ROCKMAX is a dynamic mgo technical company,focus on researching and manufacturing noncorrosive mgo board for multiple application.

Our product range:

  1. Chloride free mgo board for interior partition
  2. Magneisum cement board for semi-expose exterior sheathing
  3. Mgo flooring for fireproof subfloor
  4. Structural mgo sheathing for Mgo Sip skin and LFS shear wall
  5. Cutomized add vaule mgo products

ROCKMAX mgo laboratory engage in researching and developing new magnesium cement products, raw material analysis, formulation design and magnesium sulfate board durability test,etc.

Our aim is build up a open platform for global mgo board buyer and manufacturer. We devoted ourselves to provide first class innovative product and best service to worldwide customers.



Now we are devoting ourselves to supplying patent mgo board to maximize customer’s

fireproof security from worldwide.

Magnesium oxide board is a innovative fireproof board and became popular for its superior fire resistant, low thermal transfer, high impact strength and economical efficiency. However different institutions demonstrated traditional mgo board is corrosive in humidity environment, it might damage steel frame and damp wall.

ROCKMAX team realized the mgo board corrosion problem and persevered to R&D chloride free mgo board since 2011. After long term research and experiment, ROCKMAX was producing reliable & noncorrosive mgo board in 2016, and new generation chloride free mgo board passed durability and green test in China,Germany and Australia. Now ROCKMAX mgo offer 20 years noncorrosive warranty for global customers, build safe and living better!


Fire Resistance

  • Incombustible Class A1

  • Flamme spread None Class A

  • Smoke emission None Class A

Moisture Resistance

  • Waterproof coating surface

  • Maintain high strength in wet condition

Heat Resistance

Heat trasfer lower than most of inorganic materials,0.218 (M2.K)/W

Impact Resistance

Reinforced mesh glass fiber structral resist of.

  • Hammer Pounding

  • Panel Fall Down

  • Edge Impact

Mold Resistance

  • Resist to fungi

  • Resist to mold

Insect Resistance

ROCKMAX + steel frame structural provide 100% termite resistance



Bending strength of 12mm over 1350N

SIP sheathing

  • Offer 40-60 mintues fire protection

  • Screw holding > 700-900 N

  • High bending and impact strength

Building Safe

  • Resist to fire,mold,termite

  • 20 years warranty “no steel corrosion”


  • pass 50 times soak and dry cycles

  • pass 50 times heat rain cycles

  • pass 100 times frezze-thaw

Easy cut and work with

  • Ultility knife cutting,sawing,nailing,drilling

  • Plastering and painting same as fiber cement board and gypsum board

Health Safe

  • Abestos and formaldehyde free

  • Material safty meet European REACH regulation



Mgo board is made from magnesium sulfate cement,reinforced by glass mesh fiber,it is A1 fireproof,moisture proof,impact resistant,thermal insulation wall panel,suit for interior fireproofing partition wall and ceiling.

Our chloride content < 0.03% which is less than traditional concrete, none of corrosion to steel.

Stable dimension in both wet and dry environment. Indoor dimension change <0.2%

  1. Fireproof Suspended ceiling
  2. Fireproof partiton wall
  3. Fireproof door underlayment
  4. Fireproof protector for steel frame
  5. Fireproof substrate for decorative materials

ROCKMAX mgo board meet European REACH requirement,none of harmful substance.

ROCKMAX mgo board offer 20 years noncorrosive warranty for steel frame fireproof partition system.


Magnesium cement backer board is a Eco and durable exterior sheathing, which is made from reinforced magnesium oxide sulfate cement, grade E mesh fiber and polymers, which Intergrated low water absorption and high strength, it has been tested to EN 12467 for exterior wall.

10mm > 19 Mpa    12mm > 18 Mpa

Low water absorption speed, remain high strength in humidity.

  1. Exterior stucco substrate
  2. Exterior veneer substrate
  3. Exterior ETICS system
  4. Exterior render carrier board
  5. Exterior substrate for wood plank,fiber cement cladding,marble and other decorative materials

pass 50 times soak and dry cycles
pass 50 times heat rain cycles
pass 100 times frezze-thaw

Mgo subfloor perfectly combine bamboo fiber with magnesium oxide cement,which offer extreme high strength and intensity,it is resist to fire, water, mildew, insulate to sound and heat, applicable for fireproof flooring, fireproof subfloor.

ROCKMAX mgo flooring offer high load bearing, bending strength of 18mm > 3000N

ROCKMAX mgo flooring is fire resistance,moisture resistant,heat resistance,impact resistance,mold resistance,termite resistance.

  1. LFS fireproof flooring
  2. Prefabricated loft flooring
  3. Fireproof access flooring

Rockmax structural sheathing is design for fireproof SIP and shear wall. It is made from compressed magnesium oxysulfate cement, high density mesh fiber, waterproof polymers and other reinforcement. Superior bending strength and screw holding strength is close to OSB.

Rockmax magnesium oxide structural wall panel’s bending strength similar as OSB, 12mm > 25-30 Mpa

ROCKMAX magnesium oxide structural wall panel can resist of strong hammer attack.

ROCKMAX magnesium oxide structural wall panel’s shear strength is much higher than other mgo board or cement board

  1. MGO SIP
  2. LFS shear wall
  3. Installed wall system

ROCKMAX has rich experience in manufacturing and designing magneisum oxide-sulfate cement. Looking forward to develop different kind of magnesium oxide cement products.

ROCKMAX provide 2nd generation chloride free magnesium oxide cement technical transfer.

We are familiar with different kind of raw materials and test method,we are good at optimizing raw material to the specification before delivery.

We are good at optimizing production procedure.Share all the tips and key points with our partner.


ROCKMAX mgo board, also call magnesium sulphate board. it is made from nature minerals including: magnesium oxide powder, magnesium sulfate, reinforced by plant fiber and glass mesh fiber. ROCKMAX use newest chloride free technology to produce 100% noncorrosive fireproof board for steel frame partition. It is class A fireproof, moisture proof, impact resistant, low heat conduction, highly recommend for interior fireproof partition board and ceiling.

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ROCKMAX magnesium cement board is a fireproof sheathing design for semi-exposed exterior wall.  which is made from reinforced magnesium oxysulfate cement, grade E mesh fiber and waterproof polymers. ROCKMAX is leading chloride free mgo passed all the durability test to EN 12467(fiber cement sheathing standard). It is fireproof and cost effective sheathing, highly recommend for tile,brick,stone veneer substrate,ETICS underlayment, alumium curtain wall substrate and stucco substrate etc.


ROCKMAX Mgo flooring combine bamboo fiber with magnesium oxide cement perfectly, that offer extreme high strength and intensity, it is fireproof, waterproof ,mildew resistant, insulate to sound and heat, it is an great alternative to OSB. Suit for prefabricated house flooring, fireproof flooring, fireproof subfloor.

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ROCKMAX Magply is an extreme high strength structural mgo sheathing. It is made from compressed magnesium oxysulfate cement, high density mesh fiber, waterproof polymers and other reinforcement. Bending strength and screw holding strength close to OSB, it is fireproof, waterpoof and termite resistant, 100% formaldehyde free. It is an innovative board for Interior and exterior sheathing, Mgo Sip, LFS shear wall system and modular wall system.


ROCKMAX Mgo Board achieved technical breakthroughs of chloride free mgo board since 2012, our product has been tested by SGS and different foreign institutions, manufacturing process already matured, we wish cooperate with international company to develop new product or application that benefit more people.