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R & D

Compare with fiber cement board,magnesium oxide cement has unique characteristics and way of production,can be develop many new applications.

●A1 fireproof and flexible Is possible to instead of OSB with fireproofing coating

●Moisture and mold proof It is possible to open slot on edges,can be use for laminated flooring manufacturing.

●Low thermal transfer It is possible to develop heat insulation broken bridge for wall.

●Super light weight We can design super low density mgo <0.5g/cm3,can be use as flexible & light & sound insulation ceiling.

●Good Workability It is possible to press decorative pattern on original mgo. It is possible to open slot on surface,creat water evaporation chanel.

We are good at design and test new material.ROCKMAX can change color,shape,density,strength, water absorption rate,combination structure,insulation performance,fireproof performance to meet different requirement.