mgo board price difference for share

//mgo board price difference for share

mgo board price difference for share

Mgo board is well know as fire rated building board, it has been widely use for fireproof partition, structural sheathing and

subfloor.  however many buyers can not evaluate quality without certification. Because there are various performance

due to raw materials degree and formula composition. Do you know price differece?

Mgo powder 85% activity $180/ton

80% activity $140/ton

Mgso4 food degree $172/ton

industrial degree $110/ton

Glass mesh fiber(120g) Grade E $0.2/meter

Glued Grade E $0.3/meter

Plant fiber wood fiber $ 205/ton

bamboo fiber $260/ton

man-made fiber glass chops $1050/ton

PP fiber $1200/ton

Basalt fiber $2050/ton

Aggregate Light perlite $25/M3

Heavy perlite $ 47/m3

Calsium powder $ 45/ton

Cheap mgo board contains large volume of plant fiber.

they have large water absorption and deformation rate, low strength and fireproof performance.

ROCKMAX magnesium cement board is made from magnesium oxysulfate cement, grade E mesh fiber and waterproof

polymers, none of wood fiber. Our board tested to EN 12467(fiber cement board standard).