How to select mgo sip for fire passive house

//How to select mgo sip for fire passive house

How to select mgo sip for fire passive house

Choosing right quality mgo sip for fire passive house

Mgo sip are composite of 2 layers magnesium oxide cement sheathing on both side, EPS/XPS as core.

Premium mgo sip intergrated fireproof, insert proof, moisture proof, mold proof, sound insulation and high structural strength.

Do pay attention to following points before purchase:

1, check chloride volume of mgo board. it is relative to steel frame structural safety

Some of mgo board contains high volume of chloride >5%, should not use for steel frame system

2,check impact and load bearing test report, relative to structural performance

most of chinese mgo board are use for fireproof substrate, should not use for load bearing system

Rockmax structural mgo sheathing offer OSB level of strength, load bearing Pkr=155.9kN.

Rockmax provide 20 years non corrosive warranty.

MGO SIP 110mm (Rockmax 10mm + EPS 90mm + Rockmax 10mm)

Vertical wooden frame: 2 x 35mm x 87mm

load bearing: 171.47kN-187.9kN  (17.1-18.7 tons) Pkr=155.9kN.

Soft & hard body impact: Passed

24 hours 100dN hung test: Passed