What would be happen if you use magnesium chloride board with steel frame or galvanized frame?

4 disavantages1-screws and frame affect by chloride ions and get rust when moisture is high.2-panel damp and cry in rainy days,wet and dray cause plaster crack3-panel get powery on the surface after frequent wet and dry.4-panel has risk of cracking at the joint after few months.

What would be happen if you use magnesium chloride board with steel frame or galvanized frame?2019-01-18T22:57:39+08:00

Mgo board(magnesium oxychloride hydrate) corrode steel,Why?

Metallic corrosion is the process of either stealing or donating electrons, when the electrons are stolen or donated, the metal atoms will dissolve in the water. Salt water is a the main conductor, so the rate of corrosion increases dramatically. When mgo board in high humidty enviroment(80%),inside chloride iron will dissolve and move toward water,when it contact with metal,unavoidale corrosion will happen on its surface.

Mgo board(magnesium oxychloride hydrate) corrode steel,Why?2019-01-18T22:55:06+08:00

How many kinds of mgo board?

MgO boards predominately come in three different types: magnesium oxychloride hydrate magnesium oxysulfate hydrate magnesium oxyphosphate hydrate They are fomulated with different kind of salt. Most of mgo board export from China is magnesium oxychloride hydrate type

How many kinds of mgo board?2019-01-18T22:46:15+08:00

What is mgo board?

Magnesium oxide board or "mgo board" in short,It is fireproof,waterproof,light weight,high strength,moldew and termite proof wall panel,thickness range from 4mm-30mm,It consist of 3 element,(magnesium oxide),(salt) and (water)

What is mgo board?2019-01-18T22:31:57+08:00
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