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Mgo Flooring/Fire Rated Subfloor

Bamboos is of notable economic and cultural significance in Asia, has being widely used for manufacturing WPC decking floor and bamboo composite flooring.  It has a higher specific compressive strength than wood, brick or concrete, and a specific tensile strength that rivals steel.

ROCKMAX Mgo flooring combine bamboo fiber with magnesium oxide cement perfectly, that offer extreme high strength and intensity, it is fireproof, waterproof ,mildew resistant, insulate to sound and heat, it is an great alternative to OSB. Suit for prefabricated house flooring, fireproof flooring, fireproof subfloor.

A1 Fireproof Will not release toxic gas when it is burning
Moisture resistant Will not mildew and soften in wet condition
High strength Bending strength of 18mm > 3000N
Chloride free Noncorrosive certified mgo, it will not corrode metal and screw, do not damp the floor
Termite reistant 100% resist of termite
Material safety meet European REACH regulation, exclude 191 kind of harmful substance, and it is formaldehyde and asbestos free

Fire Resistance

Mold Resistance

Building Safe

Impact Resistance

Heat Resistance

Health Safe

Moisture Resistance

Insect Resistance

ROCKMAX Mgo Flooring Technical Data Sheet

Parameter Result Test Standard
Density <1100kg/m3 BS EN 12467 -2012
Bending strength 18mm< 14 Mpa BS EN 12467 -2012
Water absorbing by weight/24 hours <  20% BS EN 12467 -2012
Water impermeability  after 24h, water gauge 5 cm Lack of leakage BS EN 12467 -2012
Dry Shrinkage
Wet expansion
ASTM C 1186-08
Thermal conductivity <0.22W/(m·K) ASTM C 518-10
Asbestos or formaldehyde None EN REACH
Fungus resistant No Growth BS EN 12467 -2012
Fire Resistant A1   weight lose<30% EN ISO1182 &1176
Chloride content <0.003% ASTM C 871
Surface burning and smoke Class A  Flame Spread<25
Smoke Develop<25
ASTM E 84-12

ROCKMAX Mgo Flooring Application and Limitation

Application Fireproof flooring Loft flooring
Temporary exhibition flooring Fireproof assess flooring
Fireproof subfloor Fireproof resistant roofing
Accessory Steel frame or timber frame Power screw driver/ Self drilling screw
Structural adhesive
Limitation Indoor use Joist of support 400 – 600mm
Can not store outside without tarpaulin

ROCKMAX Mgo Flooring Loading Capacity In 20’ft Container



Quantity 1 x Pallet

Loading capacity in 20ft CNT

Bulk Load In 20ft CNT

18mm x 1100 x 2400


35 pieces

420 pieces

 520 pieces

18mm x 1100 x 2700


35 pieces

420 pieces

 475 pieces

19mm x 1100 x 2400


33 pieces

400 pieces

 500 pieces

19mm x 1100 x 2700


33 pieces

400 pieces

430 pieces

20mm x 1100 x 2400


31 pieces

380 pieces

450 pieces

20mm x 1100 x 2700


31 pieces

380 pieces

400 pieces

● Other thickness and dimension can be customized