Mgo board problem and solution

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Mgo Board Problem

Mgo board is a innovative fireproofing building materials, it is popular for superior fire resistant, low heat transfer, high strength and economical efficiency. Now BBA, LABC, CCMC, CERT MARK, University of Denmark and St. Petersburg  warned some of mgo board contains chloride which has risk of corrosion to steel frame and damp insulation materials in humidity environment, damage adjoining building components. ROCKMAX has been work in MGO industry over 11 years, would like to share our experience about mgo board.

What is mgo board?
Magnesium oxide board or “mgo board” in short,it’s flat fire rated wall panel,thickness range from 3mm-30mm
the different with portland cement,MGO consist of three element, magnesium oxide, salt and water.

How many kind of mgo board?
Three Kind. separate by different reactive salt, magnesium chloride, magnesium sulfate and magnesium phosphate

Why Mgo board corrode steel and damp wall?

It happen when producer use reactive salt-magnesium chloride, which is high corrosive. The unreacted magnesium chloride is soluable in water and move to surface. Chloride ion would attack frame and screw in high humidty enviroment(80%). and magnesium chloride absorb moisture from the air cause paint  aging and insulation material damp. Magnesium sulfate and magnesium phosphate don’t have such issue.

How to prevent avoid mgo board damage wall?

1,Don’t purchase cheap mgo board, 99% of cheap mgo board are made from magnesium chloride.

2,If you have purchased corrosive mgo board already, suggest to compensate for replacement or seal the board entirely and use stainless screw.

How to exam a mgo board contains chloride or not?
1,Immerse mgo board and steel parts in purified water, check out rusting after 15 days.
2,Submit chloride content analysis in local laboratory, normally cost $200 and 7 working days.

Mgo board(contains magnesium chloride)

Interior Wall(low humidity)

Basement(high humidity)

Corrosive mgo board damage steel frame structural, don’t buy it because of cheaper price.

Mgo Board Solution:

ROCKMAX has been research and develop chloride free mgo board over 11 years. ROCKMAX is reliable noncorrosive mgo board with 20 years warranty.

ROCKMAX mgo board has been tested to EN 12467 in full, material safty test to EN REACH regulation,.

If you have interest in MGO BOARD, and wanna to know how to use it correctly,please contact our sales team.

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