Magnesium sulfate board under explosive growth in China

//Magnesium sulfate board under explosive growth in China

Magnesium sulfate board under explosive growth in China

Someone said “Mgo board is the wrost building material in decades”

There are couple of reasons:

1,Chloride mgo board it’s corrosive and damp wall

2,User treat mgo as fiber cement board,use it as cladding and render without durability test and system evaluation

3,Low strength mgo board use as shear wall


is it ending of mgo board?

Due to hundreds of scientists’ efforts,magnesium sulfate board get rid of chloride ion entirely.

Those Germany,Italian,Canadian,Chinese scientists carry on researching magnesium sulfate cement for 5 reasons

1, Magnesium sulfate board is cost competitive for interior and exterior substrate, fireproof and moisture resistant

2, High bending strength and flexibility,allow it to use as fire resistant shear wall and sub floor

3, Sanded mgo board has excellent workablity for fireproof decorative board and flooring manufacturing

4, Cut and install easier and quicker

5, Green and recyclable

Nowadays chloride free mgo board has been in short supply in Chinese local market.

Rockmax magnesium sulfate board it’s a mature product has been fully tested to EN 12467, we offer 20 years noncorrosive warranty.Rockmax mgo board does not have any corrosion issue to steel frame and screws,it is 100% green and safe fireproof board for passive home. Compare with other building boards magnesium sulfate board

We believe magnesium sulfate board would be a mainstream product in future.