Magnesium oxide board reduce global Co2 emission

//Magnesium oxide board reduce global Co2 emission

Magnesium oxide board reduce global Co2 emission

We are living in the century,have to fight against global climate warming for next generation.
As we all know about,portland cement production creat huge Co2.

Caco3 = Cao + Co2
1 ton portland cement consume 80-110 kilowatt ,coal-fire powder creat 0.86 KG Co2.
Decomposition of 1 ton limestone,creat 0.5 ton Co2
Now human produce a least 2 billion ton of portland cement every year.According to statistic,7.9℅ of global carbon dioxide emission from portland cement production.

Magnesium is one of the most common element in the earth,it is widely use in medical and food industry.

Magnesium oxide can react with water and Co2,reduce Co2.

The production process is almostcarbon-neutral.As well as being easy on the environment, our products contain 0%, toxins and are completely safe for both builder and end user.
Rockmax magnesium oxide board is made fromrecycled plant fiber and natural mineral.

Made from recycled oil palm fiber or woodfiber RockMax board contains 100% recycled or recovered fiber.

All the fiber we use originates frompost-industrial recycled agricultural waste No toxic ingredients Rockmax contains no dangerous ingredients such as volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, asbestos, orsilica dust, and it will not grow mould or mildew. It contributes to a healthier indoor environment
RockMax magnesium board requires less than 50% the energy to produce than conventional fiber cement board or gypsum board, that is much lowercarbon impact on the environment.
RockMax magnesium board also helps reduce thecarbon footprint by making use of palm organic waste fiber or slag that’s is usually burned ordumped as landfill.

RockMax magnesium board does not contain chloride. No corrosion to steel frame and screw.
It is entirely green and safe building material for global home owners.

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