What is mgo board?2019-01-18T22:31:57+08:00

Magnesium oxide board or “mgo board” in short,It is fireproof,waterproof,light weight,high strength,moldew and termite proof wall panel,thickness range from 4mm-30mm,It consist of 3 element,(magnesium oxide),(salt) and (water)

How many kinds of mgo board?2019-01-18T22:46:15+08:00

MgO boards predominately come in three different types:

magnesium oxychloride hydrate

magnesium oxysulfate hydrate

magnesium oxyphosphate hydrate

They are fomulated with different kind of salt.

Most of mgo board export from China is magnesium oxychloride hydrate type

Mgo board(magnesium oxychloride hydrate) corrode steel,Why?2019-01-18T22:55:06+08:00

Metallic corrosion is the process of either stealing or donating electrons, when the electrons are stolen or donated, the metal atoms will dissolve in the water. Salt water is a the main conductor, so the rate of corrosion increases dramatically. When mgo board in high humidty enviroment(80%),inside chloride iron will dissolve and move toward water,when it contact with metal,unavoidale corrosion will happen on its surface.

What would be happen if you use magnesium chloride board with steel frame or galvanized frame?2019-01-18T22:57:39+08:00

4 disavantages

1-screws and frame affect by chloride ions and get rust when moisture is high.

2-panel damp and cry in rainy days,wet and dray cause plaster crack

3-panel get powery on the surface after frequent wet and dry.

4-panel has risk of cracking at the joint after few months.

How to check your mgo board,contains chloride or not?2019-01-18T23:00:17+08:00

2 options

1-Pour a cup of purified water,immerse some fine screw and mgo board sample.Check corrosion after 7 days.

2-Contact local testing lab,such as SGS. chloride content inspection,cost $300-400. It takes 7 working days

How to provent magnesium chloride board corrode steel?2019-01-18T23:06:30+08:00

4 options

1-Use stainess screw and stainless frame or aluminmium frame.

2-Replace steel frame by wood frame and stainless screw

3-Laminate a plastic film on reverse that next to the steel frame

4-Dismantle magnesium chlrodie board,use chloride free mgo board instead

Is there new regulation for sale and use chloride mgo board?2019-01-18T23:09:24+08:00
Chinese magnesium oxide board industry association issued new industry standard for export mgo board,on June 11th,2018 all the export chloride mgo board require to state limitation in export document and specification.
1,Chloride mgo board is limited to indoor and other non humid condition, unless make appropriate waterproof treatment.
2,Chloride mgo board shall not be directly contacted with metal parts without rust treatment
What is ROCKMAX MGO?2019-01-18T23:10:28+08:00

1,ROCKMAX is new generation chloride free mgo board, do not have corrosion problem.

2,ROCKMAX is approved panel,test in full

3,ROCKMAX’s material safety meet European “REACH”,exclude 191 kinds of harmful material may effect health.

4,ROCKMAX provide guarrantee for steel frame system safty,compensate 200% on CNF price ,when chloride>0.5%.

Is RockMax magnesium oxide board consider green product?2019-01-18T23:12:51+08:00

RockMax mgo board  is a superior green building materials. It is made from recycled plant fiber and natural mineral. The production process is almost carbon-neutral. As well as being easy on the environment, our products contain 0% toxins and are completely safe for both builder and end user.

1,RockMax magnesium oxide board is a magnesium oxide cement product. Magnesium is one of the most common element in the earth, it is widely use in medical and food industry. Made from recycled oil palm fiber or wood fiber RockMax board contains 100% recycled or recovered fiber. All the fiber we use originates from post-industrial recycled agricultural waste.

2,No toxic ingredients RockMax magnesium oxide board contains no dangerous ingredients such as volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, asbestos, or silica dust, and it will not grow mould or mildew. It contributes to a healthier indoor environment

3,RockMax magnesium oxide board requires less than 50% the energy to produce than conventional fiber cement board or gypsum board, that is much lower carbon impact on the environment. RockMax magnesium oixde board also helps reduce the carbon footprint by making use of palm organic waste fiber or slag that’s is usually burned or dumped as landfill.

4,RockMax™ magnesium oxide board does not contain chloride. Normal mgo board in the market has about 8-15% chloride content, cause Irreparable damage to the structural day by day

Does all the mgo board suit for exterior wall?2019-01-18T23:20:04+08:00

Today mgo board plays an important role in fireproof building materials industry.

The reason is:
Mgo has better fireproof than fiber cement board and gypsum board at same thickness,meanwhile its heat transfer is less than half,bending strength and flexibility even better. Mgo is termite resistant and mildew proof,better than wood,and price is similiar.

In recently,we found more and more negative informations about mgo board for external wall it may involved panel bending or cracking at joint,decoration material such as tile,marble fall off.People is afraid and want to make sure of mgo board for exterior use? Most of producers would say their mgo board can be use for both interior and exterior wall.In fact,it is not that simple!

Exterior grade mgo board is a technical product.

It is base on scientific formula design,selected raw material and climate resistant treatment.

In China,only quite few of producers have ability to produce exterior grade mgo board.

Normal mgo without reinforcement can not use for exterior wall.

However magnesium oxide board,looks like the same.

Most of producers do not have concept of technical requirement for exterior wall panel

Someone get business by using weak mesh fiber,less magnesium oxide,weak formula.

of course,this kind of panel would be aging fast when use in outsite.

When builder install this type of mgo board for exterior wall whitout any notice,became a disaster

What is ROCKMAX’s suggestion for magnesium board market?2019-01-18T23:25:41+08:00

In order to rebuild market confidence,ROCKMAX suggest

1,Distributor need to have a deep understanding the technical level of your mgo factory
make sure of what level of mgo you are selling,and what kind of application is going to use.
because mgo board has different type and different quality level.

Basiclly has 3 type,

 -magnesium oxychloride hydrate

 -magnesium oxysulfate hydrate

 -magnesium oxyphosphate hydrate

The difference is they are fomulated with different kind of salt.

Different quality level mgo should put in appropriate place.

2,The designer,should understand exterior wall panel need strength remain above 0.75 and low water absorption rate,There is no exception for mgo board.If they can’t meet international standard,do not suggest to use as exterior render.

3,The builder need to check durability and chloride content report before installtion.

Some branded high density mgo board has full certificate,but they don’t have chloride content report.

It may corrode steel,especially in wet environment,we suggest to use wood frame and stainless screw instead.

otherwise hold the bag and don’t know why.

4,The end users should understand mgo board without full durability certificate,can’t be use for exterior wall.No matter how attractive for price and physical performance you got

What is ROCKMAX Magnesium Cement Board?2019-01-18T23:36:14+08:00

ROCKMAX MAGNESIUM CEMETN BOARD  is one of the leading MGSO panel in China,it is chlorie free, climate resistant.

we have passed climate resistant test in Stuttgart,Germany and full durability test has been done in SGS Shanghai,

durablity test  to EN ISO 12467 -2012, Grade A class 3.

Conclusion is

After the completion of 50 heat-rain cycles the wall was inspected for damage.

The complete wall surface exhibited no cracks, delamination, deformation or bending, see Figure 2,

Enclosure 2. One of the boards exhibited slight lime efflorescence, as shown in Figure 2, Enclosure 2.

Based on these results it can be concluded that the tested product meets the requirements of EN 12467, 5.5.3.

50 times is top degree for cement board

What is ROCKMAX’s recommendation for exterior use?2019-01-18T23:38:09+08:00

The mgo board with full certificate,recommend for such exterior applications:

a-The render system has insulation material laminated on outsite,great performance.

b-Underlayment for exterior decoration,such as tile,marble, aluminium composite panel,curtain wall,good performance..

c-In direct paint system,try to decrease moisture exchange as less as possible,good performance.
d-replace MDF or Gypsum board in exterior system,save a layer of water barrier,meanwhile increase waterproof and fireproof.

e-other exterior application,need to consult with mgo factory and paint factory

Has RockMax Mgo Board been tested?2019-01-18T23:43:43+08:00

For each shipment we provide free inside test report including:

-Density                                            √
-Thickness tolerance                     √
-Width tolerance                              √
-Length tolerance                           √
-Flexural strength                            √
-Moisture content                            √
-Water absorbing                            √
-Water tightness                              √
LIST OF TESTING FOR Rockmax mgo for structural use – EN 12467
Tolerance Width and Length Level I
Level I
Level II
Moisture movement
Water impermeability
Freeze-thaw for Category A
Heat-rain for Category A
Warm water Category A
 Type test A
Soak-dry Category A
 Passed   RL=0.83
React to fire EN ISO 1182 & EN 1SO 1716
 Passed  A1
Release of dangerous substances
 Eliminate 191 kinds of harmful substance
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