What is ROCKMAX’s suggestion for magnesium board market?

/What is ROCKMAX’s suggestion for magnesium board market?

What is ROCKMAX’s suggestion for magnesium board market?

In order to rebuild market confidence,ROCKMAX suggest

1,Distributor need to have a deep understanding the technical level of your mgo factory
make sure of what level of mgo you are selling,and what kind of application is going to use.
because mgo board has different type and different quality level.

Basiclly has 3 type,

 -magnesium oxychloride hydrate

 -magnesium oxysulfate hydrate

 -magnesium oxyphosphate hydrate

The difference is they are fomulated with different kind of salt.

Different quality level mgo should put in appropriate place.

2,The designer,should understand exterior wall panel need strength remain above 0.75 and low water absorption rate,There is no exception for mgo board.If they can’t meet international standard,do not suggest to use as exterior render.

3,The builder need to check durability and chloride content report before installtion.

Some branded high density mgo board has full certificate,but they don’t have chloride content report.

It may corrode steel,especially in wet environment,we suggest to use wood frame and stainless screw instead.

otherwise hold the bag and don’t know why.

4,The end users should understand mgo board without full durability certificate,can’t be use for exterior wall.No matter how attractive for price and physical performance you got