What is ROCKMAX Magnesium Cement Board?

/What is ROCKMAX Magnesium Cement Board?

What is ROCKMAX Magnesium Cement Board?

ROCKMAX MAGNESIUM CEMETN BOARD  is one of the leading MGSO panel in China,it is chlorie free, climate resistant.

we have passed climate resistant test in Stuttgart,Germany and full durability test has been done in SGS Shanghai,

durablity test  to EN ISO 12467 -2012, Grade A class 3.

Conclusion is

After the completion of 50 heat-rain cycles the wall was inspected for damage.

The complete wall surface exhibited no cracks, delamination, deformation or bending, see Figure 2,

Enclosure 2. One of the boards exhibited slight lime efflorescence, as shown in Figure 2, Enclosure 2.

Based on these results it can be concluded that the tested product meets the requirements of EN 12467, 5.5.3.

50 times is top degree for cement board