Does all the mgo board suit for exterior wall?

/Does all the mgo board suit for exterior wall?

Does all the mgo board suit for exterior wall?

Today mgo board plays an important role in fireproof building materials industry.

The reason is:
Mgo has better fireproof than fiber cement board and gypsum board at same thickness,meanwhile its heat transfer is less than half,bending strength and flexibility even better. Mgo is termite resistant and mildew proof,better than wood,and price is similiar.

In recently,we found more and more negative informations about mgo board for external wall it may involved panel bending or cracking at joint,decoration material such as tile,marble fall off.People is afraid and want to make sure of mgo board for exterior use? Most of producers would say their mgo board can be use for both interior and exterior wall.In fact,it is not that simple!

Exterior grade mgo board is a technical product.

It is base on scientific formula design,selected raw material and climate resistant treatment.

In China,only quite few of producers have ability to produce exterior grade mgo board.

Normal mgo without reinforcement can not use for exterior wall.

However magnesium oxide board,looks like the same.

Most of producers do not have concept of technical requirement for exterior wall panel

Someone get business by using weak mesh fiber,less magnesium oxide,weak formula.

of course,this kind of panel would be aging fast when use in outsite.

When builder install this type of mgo board for exterior wall whitout any notice,became a disaster